Digital Nomads, welcome to Croatia!


We are happy that you have chosen our country for your stay.

In order to make your stay in Croatia as nice as possible and help you create unforgettable memories, we have decided to put together a special offer - just for you ;) in collaboration with DNA Croatia, a non-profit organisation supporting digital nomads get settled.

In addition to the well-known daily rentals, Hertz Croatia also offers the following services:

  • Monthly rentals (up to 12 months)
  • Long-term rentals (up to 5 years)

If you are interested in finding out the exclusive prices per car group, please send an email to with the title „Hertz for Nomads“.


About us

Hertz as a brand is one of the largest car rental company in the world. Hertz Croatia operates as a Hertz International franchisee, and we are a subsidiary of Autohellas, a Greek company and the largest Hertz franchisee in the world with over 48.000 cars in its fleet. In Croatia we have about 30 full-time employees (up to 60 during the season) and we operate with 6 branches in 5 cities:




Advantages of renting a car in Croatia

Croatia is a small Mediterranean country and a famous tourist destination. It offers tourists exceptional natural beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage, and preserved tradition. It is full of contrasts from east to west, north and south, from the Continental to the Mediterranean style.

Cities are completely different with each region having its local traditions, and dishes that span from Mediterranean to Continental cuisine. All of this makes an original offer for tourists from all countries.

Come and relax, or engage in various sports, fun and cultural activities. See all of the beauty our National Parks have to offer, enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Visit cultural sights, taste various gastronomic specialties or simply make new friends by socializing with locals.

There are many interesting places in Croatia that you should not miss the opportunity to see.
Some of them are hidden (like the most beautiful gems) so make it easier for yourself to get to these places and make your stay in Croatia unforgettable. Choose us with confidence, and have a unique car rental experience.

Information and advice on traffic in Croatia

The main highways and roads in Croatia are in good condition and are maintained and improved continuously. Traffic is usually heavy during peak summer season and best way to avoid it, is to use old country roads. These roads are in good shape, empty and free of charge. The general custom is to respect traffic laws, especially regarding speed, because penalties are very high and there is no possibility of negotiating with the police. We have a speed limitation of 50 km within the city and 130 km on the highways, unless otherwise specified by a traffic sign.

Most popular mobility services in Croatia

Use of personal vehicles is the most popular mobility solution in Croatia. This is followed by public transport, taxi services (including “Uber” and “Bolt”) and rent-a-car. Rent-a-car remains the most popular solution among tourists coming to Croatia. People in Croatia are not prone to car sharing (“Bla-bla car” exists, but is not so popular).

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