Zadar is the oldest continuously-inhabited Croatian city, located at the middle of Adriatic coast. In Zadar you can wander quiet streets of marble, enjoy the view of beautiful old buildings, and sail to pine-scented beaches on remote islands, where you can sprawl undisturbed alongside tiny restaurants catering mostly to fishermen. Except for the historical part of the city, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets at the Monument to the Sun which soaks up solar rays only to dazzle people with them in the form of colored light patterns as night falls. Monument to the Sun will connect you up to Zadar’s other bonkers attraction, its Sea Organ. This is an adjacent art installation, formed by cleverly cutting steps into a section of the concrete waterfront promenade. These have underwater pipes in them that sound musical notes when filled with water - and create a harmonica effect that sounds as if each wave is gently sighing. Zadar is in a great location and is an ideal place to rent a car and explore the nearby islands, national parks and small fishing villages. The Hertz Croatia staff will be happy to provide you with useful information and advice on beaches and attractions, as well as routes not to be missed. If you go with rent a car, go with Hertz!

Rent a car in Zadar
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